Shane Cooper Residency at Soho Farmhouse

Available on selected dates from August.

Soho Farmhouse is proud to partner with Shane Cooper, a widely renowned beauty and aesthetic practitioner who specialises in bespoke advanced facial and body treatments. As one of the most recognised and trusted names in the industry, Shane prides himself on delivering products and processes that are expertly crafted to suit all skin types, and deliver visible, lasting results without the need for surgical intervention.

Experience his beauty secrets for yourself with the Shane Cooper Bespoke Body treatment at Soho Farmhouse Spa.

You can now book to see me for the micro-needling facial and bespoke body treatments on the following dates:

24th & 25th September 2023

15th & 16th October 2023

19th & 20th November 2023

Soho members can book via the website & details below. Soho friends can book the via email & contact number below:

01608 691000



Micro-needling facial

Micro-needling comfortably creates thousands of controlled micro-injuries in the skin to trigger the body's natural healing process. This results in the formation and re-modelling of the skins natural collagen, organically stimulating the skin's natural ability to repair itself. To opt for maximum results the treatment is combined with the LED light treatment to promote maximum cell activation with near- inferred to treat all signs of aging. This can also target sun damage, hyper pigmentation, acne, breakouts, psoriasis, redness and rosacea. The treatment aims to deliver a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and acne scarring, whilst boosting natural collagen and radiance. Some downtime to be expected. Aftercare advice will be provided on the day of your appointment.

Bespoke body treatment

This treatment can be delivered on multiple areas. The device used is a certified medical platform machine, which has undergone successful clinical trials. Combining two technologies; tri-polar radio-frequency (RF) and dynamic muscle activation (DMA), work simultaneously using a single applicator. All whilst delivering a non-invasive fat removal through the body’s own lymphatic system, as well as skin tightening. The practitioner inputs tailored settings that are completely bespoke to the client’s areas of concern.